“The arc of the moral universe bends toward justice.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.


No doubt you may have heard the following statement periodically: “Do the right thing.” 

The above two statements are inter-related. Why? The Rule of Law exists because the limitations of humankind result in situations when people, governments, and corporations do not do the right thing.  There are various reasons, and here is a partial list: Greed, Laziness, Cruelty, Hate, Carelessness, Ignorance, Distractedness, Exploitation, and Vengeance. The result of people allowing the foregoing human weaknesses to evolve to a lapse in judgment can and typically does result in people being hurt in some way. Such conduct can manifest itself as unlawful discriminatory treatment in employment, being unfairly charged with a crime by the government, or physical injuries to the body. Through exercising the Rule of Law through the legal system, you can vindicate your rights and pursue justice.  When you do, you not only help yourself, but you help the overall concept of justice for all people because when your legal rights are vindicated, in no small way also, the moral universe of society bends toward justice, and hopefully, as a result, the future conduct of people, corporations, and the government, will exhibit better behavior for the good of all people.

I am proud to be a trial attorney that helps people, and as a result, society at large, to achieve justice where there is wrongful conduct that needs to be redressed.

Robert Evan Trop, Esq.

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Posted By Former Client Jeff

"We Got More Than Expected."

"We were very impressed with Robert's work ethics, availability and patience. He took our case with excitement and enthusiasm. His performance was above and beyond our expectations. We have already recommended him to others and we will definitely not hesitate to use his services again in the future."

Posted By Former Client Clinton

"Thanks Robert."

"Robert is the fourth attorney that i have retained in my lifetime and I wish I had met him decades ago. He has made the most difficult time of my life easier, less stressful and I always felt that my best interests was his priority. He takes the time to explain things at length, is always accessible and I never felt like I interrupted him when i needed more information.
I look forward to using him again and would recommend him to friends and family."

Posted By Former Client Joyce

"One of the Best!"

"Mr Trop is a very compassionate, patient, well informed lawyer who
puts you at ease and instills confidence. I also found him to be honest
and trustworthy. He is straightforward, realistic, and I could not have
chosen a better lawyer."

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